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Travel agency

Licensed by the Turkish Ministry of Tourism in Alanya

Capacity : 20

Departure Date : 4 January 2023

Departure Time : 05:41:00

Return Date : 12 January 2023

Return Time : 04:38:00

Price From : 1500 Dollar

Travel agency

Hotel reservation in Alanya and other parts of the world

  • Reservation center of all hotels in the world at the most reasonable prices
  • Offering the most luxurious 5-star quality apartment hotel in the city center
  • Providing VIP and group transfers to airports and leisure and shopping centers
  • Perform luxury group tours

Air plane ticket reserve

  • Direct flight tickets from Alanya and Antalya to Tehran
  • Direct flight tickets from Tehran to Alanya and Antalya
  • Book plane tickets from all domestic and foreign airlines
  • Book flight tickets to all parts of the world
Travel agency

About Travel Agency

Buy plane tickets and book hotels at the best price and in the shortest time; With the introduction of this service, the puzzle of Travok services has become more complete than before. Now you can ask us to buy plane tickets to all domestic and foreign destinations and also to book hotels in all parts of the world.

Free contact with the expert

Unlike other ticket sales websites, you can contact our expert before purchasing and discuss the flight or hotel features you want. Our expert will guide you in choosing the right flight and hotel by providing complete advice. Then your desired ticket will be booked at the best possible price.

Book plane tickets from all airlines

If you are planning to travel to different countries of the world and you have difficulty finding the best ticket or paying in foreign currency, just contact us. We can book tickets from all airlines in the world. By selecting the origin and destination and the flight date, your ticket will be issued and sent to you within a few minutes.

Direct flight to Tehran, Alanya, Antalya and vice versa

You will not need to stop in Istanbul to travel from Alanya and Antalya to Tehran or vice versa. We will book a direct ticket from Alanya or Antalya to Tehran and vice versa. To book a direct flight ticket from Tehran to Alanya and Antalya and vice versa, just contact us a few days before the flight.

The difference between Travok and other flight and hotel reservation companies

As you know, in addition to travel services (hotel and flight reservation), Truck Company has been operating in the field of real estate in Turkey since 2018. Therefore, if you are planning to immigrate to Turkey, we will complete all the steps, including travel to Turkey, temporary hotel stay, purchase or rental of property, opening a bank account, official translation of documents, and obtaining Turkish residency or citizenship.

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