Career Opportunities

Job opportunities in Yasha group

Membership of real estate consultants

Membership of real estate agencies

Requesting and recruiting staff in the fields of cooperation with Yasha group

- Buying and selling real estate, whether residential or commercial

- Residential or commercial rental

- Investing or attracting capital to build housing

- Creating well-equipped residential complexes

- Establishing towns

- Production and similar activities

- tourism development

- Performing all engineering tasks


- Construction and implementation of private and public projects (EPC)

- Development of residential complexes

- Development of tourism services

- Providing currency and digital currency services

- Activity in Metaverse and NFT environment

- Car buying and selling and renting services

- Providing legal consultation services

- Providing marketing services

- Providing technical and engineering services

- Providing technical and engineering services - Providing architectural design services from interior architecture to facade

- Providing installation, electricity, etc. services.

- Providing applied studies services

- Participation and holding commercial, scientific and exhibition events

- Production of related APPs

- Carrying out related knowledge-based activities

- Granting representation and establishment of affiliated offices in the cities of Turkey and Iran and other parts of the world

- Publication of specialized publications

- Holding concerts and festivals