Yasha Group Holding was founded in Alanya as a real estate company in 2020.

The central office of Yasha Group Holding is located in Alanya, Mahmutlar neighborhood and on Ataturk Road, Mevlana Square.

Yasha Group Holding tries to provide the best consultations to its customers by employing expert consultants in every sector of the services it provides.

• Legal consult before purchase • Introducing and analyzing all positions suitable for you and explaining the Turkish market • Obtaining tax number • Opening an account in a Turkish bank • Negotiation and getting the best price for you • Checking and reading the contract completely before signing for you • Following up on getting a loan if needed • Guidance in buying home appliances at the best price • Obtaining title of deed and ownership documents • Obtaining gas, electricity and water subscription documents in your name • Following up until obtaining the real estate

• Turkey's political stability • Residence permit for foreigners who buy real estate in Turkey. • Turkey's booming economy, GDP has increased 3 times to the value of 857 billion dollars in 2016, for example, this amount was 231 billion dollars in 2002. • The economy has been growing steadily annually with an average growth rate of 6.5% between 2002 and 2016. • Hope for better economic growth in the near future according to the OECD, which has considered the fastest economic growth for Turkey in the years 2017 to 2010. • Turkey was the 13th largest economy in the world and the 5th largest economy in Europe in 2016. • The economy has a strong base supported by foreign investment, the amount of which was of about 145 billion dollars in the last 10 years, in Turkey. • The private health sector export worth 143 billion dollars between 2002 and 2016, which shows a 300% growth in this field.

Due to the request of foreign applicants to buy real estate in Turkey in recent years, the price of real estate in Turkey has been on the rise and this means a safe investment. Turkey has one of the largest markets with the highest rate of price increase according to "Knight Frank International Index". Turkey ranks second in real estate sales in the world.

1. Buying real estate and renting it Buying a real estate and renting it and having a monthly income from rent, the amount of annual rent received can be up to 4% of the total price of the real estate. 2. Buying property and then selling it Buying a property that is under construction and has advantages such as proximity to public transportation system that will increase the price of the that in the future. 3. Buying a land Buying land with strategic approach, the price of which will increase in the coming years. 4. Real estate development Buying land in a strategic area and partnering with a construction company to build a house and guarantee the return of capital with high profits. 5. Reconstruction of old real estates Buying an old real estate and demolishing and renovating it and partnering with a construction company to accept the costs and build a new house and sell the houses and return capital and profit.

The project of purchasing old houses and renovating them in Turkey, which generally includes the purchase of houses that have been worn out due to earthquakes or naturally due to the age of the house. This project is done to improve the situation of worn out houses and beautify the environment and improve people's living conditions. The Turkish government has planned 15 million reconstruction and renovation projects with a budget of 400 billion dollars under the law of reconstruction of old houses and has exempted investors and construction companies from tax in this sector. The purpose of this law is to make facilities available and make an agreement with real estate owners to allocate a larger space of the old neighborhood to cover project costs and achieve more profit.

1- Choosing the old building 2- Construction companies conclude an agreement and commit to presentation of new facilities such as elevators, parking spaces, courtyards, and environmental security. 3- This agreement is signed by the construction company and the real estate owner. 4- The construction company must pay rent to the real estate owner during the renovation period, which is usually between 18 to 24 months. 5- Registration of the contracts 6- Obtaining a construction permit, which usually includes a larger area than the previous real estate, and the construction company will cover all construction costs and obtain a profit between 40% and 60%. 7- Evacuate the building in 3 to 4 weeks 8- Demolition beginning 9- Reconstruction 10- Completion and delivery of the real estate

Yes, foreign nationals have the right to own real estate in Turkey. The Turkish parliament has passed a law that allows property ownership in turkey for all ethnic groups in the entire world under Turkish law. Law No. 36 of the Land Registration Law No. 2644 which was passed on 5/18/2012 allows foreigners to own property or invest in Turkey.

1- Foreigners are allowed to own real estate in Turkey up to maximum of 30 hectares. 2- Foreigners are not allowed to take over military areas or airports, oil fields, or cultural and religious areas. 3- Only 10% of the entire area or city can be purchased by foreigners.

These properties can include residential or commercial properties, agricultural land, factories, schools, etc.

1- Choosing the most suitable real estate or property 2- Obtaining the following information: Title of deed name (Tapu) Site statement - an official copy of the real estate site from the municipal plan Real estate or property number according to the municipal plan Check for no restrictions prohibiting the presentation of the plan by the real estate company, such as loan problems or inheritance issues. 3- Obtaining the tax number 4- The translation of the buyer's passport into Turkish by an official translator and its confirmation by a notary public 5- The contract (commitment to sell) which is written in English and Turkish and will be signed by the buyer and the seller. 6- Checking the document registration items with the buyer within 15 days after the purchase registration, and it is preferable to have an official translator for the certification and checking the correctness of the information.

Yes, foreign companies can own property in Turkey

The minimum time to complete the property purchase process is 2 to 3 weeks.

• (property value declaration document) must be valued. • A new 6 × 4 photo from the seller • Copy of building documents and registration of documents in the municipality • Copy of all company documents, such as establishment license, copy of commercial registration number

• Tax number (Vergi No.) • Valid passport in Turkish which must be confirmed by notary public • 2 new 4 × 6 photos for the last 6 months from the buyer

Only Passport

Yes, according to Turkish law for foreigners, more than one person can jointly purchase a property and the deed is transferred in the name of all partners.

The meaning of this word refers to the property owner's right to transfer the property to his heirs at any time.

The name of the legal document of the property ownership (title of deed) in Turkey is Tapu, which is approved and transferred by the land registry company

Usually between 4 to 6 weeks after the purchase, the title of deed is delivered to the name of the buyer.

• Obtaining tax No. (Vergi No.) • Translation of the passport into Turkish and its notarization • Opening an account in a Turkish bank • 2 photos of the buyer • Signing the contract in the presence of experts to ensure its validity. • If the property is purchased from the construction company, the contract is signed between the construction company and the buyer and is usually in Turkish and English.

• Dealing with a licensed real estate company • Finding a real estate company with a good history and reputation • Never enter into a transaction with a person who does not have legal authority • Inspection of the case by the person him/herself • Not signing any contract before inspecting the project and ensuring the validity of the real estate company and purchase contract

Yes, you can do the purchase process by another person by giving the power of attorney to the intended person at the turkey embassy in your country or at a notary public office in Turkey.

Foreign nationalities in Turkey must have a tax number to be able to buy and sell, and they can get this number from any tax office. The following documents are needed to obtain it: Providing a copy of passport and address of residence Referring to the nearest branch of the tax department and requesting a tax number They will give you a card that contains your tax number.

The price of property in Turkey is very diverse and there is a suitable property for every budget, but in general the price of property in Istanbul is higher than in other cities of Turkey. Several factors play a role in determining the property price, such as the year the building was built, location, access to public transportation and vehicles, etc. The price of real estate depends a lot on its location, which has a minimum and maximum limit.

Yes, the tax is the same for both.

The amount of registration and ownership transfer tax is 4% of the total price of the property, which is paid by the buyer after completing the purchase process. Payment is made only in lira and in the land registry after the owner of the property transfers the title and registers the property. In case of purchase from pre-sale projects, the tax will be paid after the completion of the project and the transfer of the property.

The annual tax is paid by all people of different nationalities. This tax must be paid at the beginning of each year and it is estimated to be 0.002% of the total value of the property.

Buyer and seller each pay 3% of the total value of the property.

The annual amount of tax is 15% of the total annual rent.

Profit tax is paid only when the property is sold again within 5 years from the first purchase, and its amount is equal to 35% of the difference between the initial purchase price and the current sale price. If the property is put up for sale after 5 years, selling it will be subject to tax exemption.

The monthly expenses include the expenses paid for cleaning the building, cleaning the yard and garden, repairing and maintaining equipment, and in case your house is in a tower, includes the use of facilities such as the gym, swimming pool, etc.

Yes, you can insure your home in insurance companies.

Insurance against earthquakes and natural disasters called DASK is mandatory and must be done under legal conditions. Insurance is one of the mandatory requirements of property registration, which must be provided when the ownership documents is handed over. It must be renewed every year, and its amount depends on the value of the property.

Yes, the cost of registering the water, electricity and gas subscription in the name of the buyer, as well as the monthly payments for their use.

According to the laws of foreign nationalities in Turkey, foreigners can obtain permanent residence in Turkey by purchasing a real estate or property worth 400 thousand dollars, and this property must not be sold for 3 years.

Spouse and children under 18 years old

No, you can buy a property without having a residence.

According to the laws of foreign nationalities in Turkey, foreigners can obtain permanent residence in Turkey by purchasing a real estate or property worth 400 thousand dollars, and this property must not be sold for 3 years.

Yes, you can sell it after 3 years