Exchange services


Currency in Turkey and exchanging Rial to Lira is one of the issues that you will encounter during traveling or immigrating to Turkey. Yasha Group Holding provides its customers all currency services related to remittance, exchange, transactions of digital currencies, at the best rate and the shortest time.

Terms and Conditions

Yasha group Holding Currency Services is prohibited from providing services to persons with hidden identity.

In case of any violation by the user, including the use of hacked accounts, the unknown source of money, money laundering, etc., with the intention of deceiving, the exchange reserves the right to suspend the user's account and inform the competent authorities.

Yasha Group services are independent from any group and organization.

If you intend to buy from us, you must first be authenticated by currency personnel.

Any transactions and orders made in the name or with bank accounts and electronic accounts of third parties are illegal and the user guarantees that he/she will not use third party accounts to send or receive money.

Our services

- Cash exchange of common currencies

- Buying and selling foreign currency remittances

- Sending currency remittances to all parts of the world as quickly as possible

- Receive and pay in most cities in Turkey (Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir, Bursa, Van, Mersin, etc.)

- Transfer money from Turkey to Iran