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Information before immigrating to Turkey

Obtaining Turkish residence by buying a real estate in Alanya

Turkey is like other countries where a major part of their income comes from tourism and real estate investments. In Turkey, passing new laws and regulations are always related to the level of acceptance, supply and demand of the society, and the purpose of the laws is always attracting more capital in return for the services that are provided. In this article, we are going to talk about the new circular and the current conditions of obtaining Turkish residence by buying a house.

On April 26, 2022, a circular letter was issued according to which the value stated in the tapu (title deed) should be at least 75 thousand dollars for large metropolitan cities and 50 thousand dollars for small cities. And from the mentioned date onwards, if you buy a house that does not meet these conditions, you will not be eligible to receive a tourist residence by buying a house, which was granted for two years until now.

It should be noted that Alanya is one of the big cities in Turkey.

Previously, there were no restrictions for obtaining Turkish residence by buying a house in Alanya, and you only needed to own a house with a tapu of any value, and you were easily granted a 2-year residence.

But currently, to get a residence in the city of Alanya, note that the registered value of your house in Tapu must be at least 75 thousand dollars, and not necessarily the value of the house is 75 thousand dollars. Because until now, the procedure was that, for example, you would buy a house worth 100 thousand dollars, but in the deed, due to tax issues, etc., you would show 150 thousand liras, and currently you will not be granted a two-year residency under these conditions but at least a six-month residency you’ll be granted.

As mentioned, this circular has been recently announced, and its specific details and conditions are not very clear, and since it is a circular, it may be canceled in the future for many reasons; therefore, be sure to obtain the necessary information before buying a house to avoid problems.

To inquire about this news, you could call the number 157 in Turkey and dial extension 5 to speak in Farsi, then dial 5 again to speak with an expert from Goc Residence Department .

According to the latest news in this regard, it should be noted that in order to obtain Turkish residence by buying a house, if the registered value of the house is less than 75 thousand dollars in Alanya, you will only be granted a tourist residence permit for 6 months and its extension, apart from the opinion of your Immigration officer, is directly related to the amount of your financial turnover in your bank accounts in Turkey; Therefore, in these 6 months, try to have the maximum amount of cash in your accounts and do all your transactions through one bank account so that at the time of residency extension you can prove with your account printout that your presence in this country is ultimately for the benefit of the Turkish government. Clearly, these are only based on the experiences of our customers and may change in the future.

The people who obtained their residence with a rental agreement are also subject to the same rules and conditions, and their residency extension depends on their financial turnover in Turkey; therefore, it is very important to take this issue seriously and always have a significant amount of money in your bank account.

Transferring a title deed and its rules in Turkey

In the last one or two years, the record of buying property and houses in Turkey by Iranians was broken, according to published statistics, buying houses by Iranians in Turkey has increased 15 times in the last two years. If you are planning to buy a property in different cities of Turkey, you should be aware of its details and contents so that you can make the best choice and avoid financial and time loss.

One of the most important issues when buying and selling real estate is how to transfer a title deed in Turkey. To legally transfer a title deed in Turkey, some steps must be followed; But what are these procedures?

Steps to buy a house in Turkey

In this section, we will mention the most important steps for buying a house in Turkey, after choosing the desired property:

Determining property value

After traveling to Turkey and choosing a property, determining the current value of the house is the first thing you should do when buying. The buyer of the house should go to the relevant department so that its pricing is done by an official expert.

When calculating the current value, the price of three houses in the same neighborhood is considered and the average price of these three houses is considered as the current value of the house.

The remarkable thing about property pricing in Turkey by the government expert is that, unlike Iran, the price determined by the expert is not much different from the real price of the property and the price difference is usually less than 10%. Consequently, there is no possibility of unrealistic offers by the property owners, and the customer can buy the desired property with confidence. Finally, the price determined by the government expert is recorded in the title deed.

Advance payment

After determining the price, the buyer must deposit the advance payment to the owner's account. When transferring the title deed, the buyer deposits the remaining amount to the owner's account. After depositing the advance payment, he/she requests an interview from the Turkish Immigration Department and goes there for the interview with all the documents at the appointed time and answers their questions.

Conclusion of a Contract

After the buyer chooses the desired apartment and after reviewing the agreement, he/she can proceed to conclude the contract. Foreign investors, if they are not fluent in Turkish, can choose a legal translator selected by notary offices. These people can also choose a lawyer and be under their expert guidance.

Passport translation

The next step is the translation of the passport by notary offices. After signing the contract by the parties, the buyer can deposit the agreed amount to the seller's account. In the next step, your lawyer will convert the contract into a title deed and deliver it to you. This deed includes items such as the owner's photo, stamp and official signature of the buyer.

The provisions of the property purchase contract in Turkey

In the process of transferring a title deed and its rules in Turkey, after the buyer has referred to the real estate department in the municipal corporation of the region where he/she wants to buy a property in that region, and the price has been set by the municipality based on the average of the three surrounding houses, the municipal corporation will hand over two sheets to you so that you can enter into a contract.

These sheets include the final price document determined by the municipal corporation and the document proving of no tax debt of the said property.

After going through these steps, you should go to the real estate department of your choice to sign a contract and write a property purchase contract or transfer a title deed in Turkey.

The provisions of transferring a title deed in Turkey

Among the most important provisions of transferring a title deed in Turkey, the following can be mentioned:

Parties to the transaction

The personal information of both parties is included at the beginning of the contract; such as name, surname, address, national ID number, etc.


Contract Subject

This section contains all the information about the property; such as size, neighborhood or region, number of floors, exact address, etc.

property sale

This section contains information about the price and terms of sale of the property. It determines whether the property is purchased in installments or not.

Contract transfer

This provision requires the parties to the contract to be obligated to the terms contained in the contract.

Termination of Contract

In this section, information related to contract termination details will be mentioned. If any of the parties do not adhere to the provisions of the contract, by referring to this section, you can take action to restore your rights.

It should be noted that in case of non-compliance with the contract, the guilty party must pay 5% of the value of the property to the other party as termination damages according to the laws.

Ownership document registration fee

In the process of transferring a real estate document and its rules in Turkey, the cost of document registration is one of the most important parts that is directly related to your interests when transferring a title deed in Turkey. In this section, the details related to the duties and taxes of the property are mentioned and both parties or one of them will undertake to pay it.

It is recommended to pay special attention to this section if you intend to transfer a title deed in Turkey.


In this section, provisions and information that are agreed between the parties outside of the main contract are included.

Address of the parties to the contract

In this section, the exact address of the buyer and seller will be mentioned.

Dispute Resolution

This clause is used when there may be a dispute between the parties regarding the transaction, and future problems can be avoided by setting this clause correctly.


Adding the signatures of the parties to the contract will be the final part when buying a property in Turkey.

Tapu or title deed in Turkey

Tapu is the title deed; In fact, in Turkey, the title deed is called Tapu. In recent years, the form and appearance of these deeds have changed slightly, and with the addition of a QR code, the security of transactions has increased significantly. By scanning the QR code, you can see all the records and information of the property.

In short, we can say that every property has a legal identity card that determines the information related to the ownership, type of property, location of the property, legal authority of the owner, size of the property, etc. This card certifying ownership of a property is called Tapu in Turkey.

Types of title deed in Turkey

Title deed or Tapu contains two types:

Red Tapu and blue Tapu

Each of these colors has its own meaning.

Blue Title Deed: It is assigned to the lands without any residential units; the title is only for the land and does not apply to any buildings.

Red Title Deed: It is assigned to all types of property; This color indicates the existence of ownership of independent floors and sections in the intended property. So pay attention to this point and be aware that the Tapu for buying property in Turkey must be red.

The information mentioned in Tapu

In title deed, there are several pieces of information that we have explained in detail, and you should pay attention to these when transferring the title deed in Turkey:

  • • Province (ili)
  • • Region (ilçesi)
  • • Neighborhood (Mahallesi)
  • • Town (Köyü)
  • • Street (Sokagi)
  • • Location (Mevkii)
  • • Layout No. (Pafta No.)
  • • Block No. (Ada No.)
  • • Parcel No. (Parsel No.)
  • • Type of property (Niteligi)
  • • Total land area (Yüzölçümü)
  • • Boundaries around the property (Siniri)
  • • Biometric photo of the title of deed owner (Fotograf)
  • • Ready-to-use properties such as offices, houses and apartments (Kat Mülkiyeti)
  • • Ownership of the independent unit which is not ready for use yet (Kat Irtifaki)
  • • Timeshare and temporary ownership that belongs to a person only in a certain period of time (Devre Mülk)
  • • The actual purchase price of the property (Satis bedeli)
  • • Land share (Arsa Payi)
  • • Block No. (Blok No.)
  • • Floor number (Kat No.)
  • • Unit No. (Bagimsiz bölüm No.)
  • • The reason of selling and transferring the property, the name of the previous owner and the way of transferring (Edinme sebebi)
  • • Information of the current owner/owners of the property (Sahibi)
  • • Previous ownership registration No. (Sira No.)
  • • Date of transferring (Tarihi)
  • • Numbers related to related to the property in the Turkish Real Estate Office (Cilt No.Binder No. / Sahife No. / Yevmiye No.)
  • • Signature of the Tapu registration by the head of the Tapu office or authorized people (Siciline uygundur)

Documents required for title deed transfer in Turkey

To transfer a title deed in Turkey, you will need the following documents:

  • • Submitting the completion form and settling the municipal taxes and duties
  • • Property document or letter of approval from the registrar with complete details such as address, area and location of the property with coordinates
  • • Two new biometric photos of the buyer and seller
  • • Compulsory earthquake insurance for villas, houses, apartments and offices
  • • Passport with official translation into Turkish
  • • Original and copy of power of attorney with official translation approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Justice of the issuing country
  • • Presence of simultaneous translator (if the parties to the contract are not fluent in Istanbul Turkish)
  • • Official translation of the buyer’s identity card or national card

Earthquake Insurance

Dask insurance in Turkey is mandatory for all residential units built in this country and without this insurance, it will not be possible to get subscriptions for facilities including electricity and water and many necessities of life. DASK covers the damages, in whole or in part, occur as a result of an earthquake within the limits specified in the policy.

Bank Account

In the next step, the buyer must open a bank account in Turkey by the local tax office and after opening the bank account , receive a special tax number and register it in the local municipal corporation and region.

Taxes and duties

In the next step, 4% of the property value is charged as taxes and duties from the parties at the time of transfer of the document to the buyer, which is divided equally between the buyer and the seller.

Mortgage bonds

If the person who bought the house applied for a bank loan and financed part of the cost of the house through mortgage bonds or a bank loan, the house deed will be withheld by the bank as a mortgage until the end of the loan repayment. Therefore, in Turkey the necessary documents to obtain or transfer a title deed from the bank must also be prepared in the application for the title deed.

According to the order of the Turkish government, all property owners in this country are required to insure their property. The main goal of earthquake insurance is that Dask owners can manage the crisis more easily after facing natural disasters and return to their normal life as quickly as possible, and therefore we need Dask when buying or selling property in Turkey.

The five main objectives of the earthquake insurance are:

The five main objectives of the earthquake insurance are:

  • 1. Creating security for all houses against earthquakes
  • 2. Reducing the burden of financial losses caused by earthquakes by rebuilding houses
  • 3. Reducing government costs related to earthquakes and creating funds for subsequent losses
  • 4. Contributing to useful construction in Turkey
  • 5. Help develop awareness of insurance at the society

Which parts of the residential unit are covered by Dusk insurance?

The foundations of the house, main walls, common separating walls, retaining walls, garden walls, ceilings and floor of the house, stairs, elevators, landings, corridors, roofing, corners and complementary parts of the building. Subsequently, the easiest way to use Dask is to go to the branches of insurance service offices near the building.

House purchase taxes in Turkey

Before buying a property, it is very important to understand the tax situation in Turkey. First, you need a tax number for buying every real estate. You can get a tax number by applying to any tax office, along with a copy of your passport (translated and certified by a notary public).

When you buy a property or transfer a title deed in Turkey, you are subject to transaction taxes such as "title deed right", "value added tax", "stamp duty" and "notary office prices". Additionally, owning a property in Turkey is automatically subject to "property tax".

If you receive rental income from the property or decide to sell your property, you will be subject to "Income Tax". Each of these taxes has specific rules for calculation and payment.

Value Added Tax (KDV)

The Turkish tax law states that all commercial, industrial and professional transactions conducted in Turkey are subject to VAT. Normally, the VAT is 18%. For residential properties less than 150 meters and above 150 meters, the value added tax is equal to 1% and 18% of the property value, respectively.

However, in the following circumstances, the property will be exempt from VAT.

• If the seller or owner does not have any business activity in the property.

• If the seller of the property is a company that is not engaged in the business of real estate transactions and has owned the property for more than two years. It should be noted that this type of tax is zero if you have the ownership right for more than 5 years

Stamp Duty Tax

In Turkey, as in Iran, when you go to the official offices for transferring ownership process, you have to pay a stamp duty. This tax is calculated at a rate of about 4.4% of the property value.

Property Tax

The annual property tax is between 0.1% to 0.6% of the property value; this rate will vary according to the type and location of the property.

For example, the tax rate will be 0.1 % for residential properties, 0.4 % for commercial properties, and 0.2 % for agricultural lands. It should be noted that this rate will also be different according to the location of the property in the city.

The tax rate on inherited property will also range between 4% and 30% of the property's value.

Income Tax

If you earn rental income from the property or decide to sell your property, you will be subject to income tax. The income tax rate will range between15% and 30% of the property value.

Real state debt inquiry for the transfer of a title deed in Turkey

Inquiring about the status of the property from the Real Estate Registration Organization of Turkey regarding real state debt, loans, legal restrictions imposed on the property by the judicial system, etc. is very important and you should pay attention to these points.

Also read: Laws and restrictions on buying property in Turkey for foreigners

With the increase in the purchase of property by foreigners in Turkey, before making any transfer of title deed in Turkey, it is better to check the complete information about the legal identity of the property to avoid any possible problems in the process of buying and selling.

Required time to transfer the title deed

Generally, after you go to the registration of documents and lands, it will take about 3 to 5 working days for the transfer process to be completed.

Real estate in Alanya

Real estate in Alanya is generally divided into apartments under construction (which are generally called projects under construction projects under construction), second-hand apartments and villas.

In this article, we are not discussing land and administrative and commercial units; we are only talking about properties that are in high demand and you want to know a lot about them.

People who intend to live and immigrate to Turkey and Alanya are looking for one of the following:

Buying a villa in Alanya - Renting a villa in Alanya - Renting an apartment in Alanya - Buying an apartment in Alanya

Buying real estate in Alanya has attracted the attention of foreigners for many years, especially the Scandinavian part, and on the other hand, Iranians have also become very interested in buying and investing in real estate in this city.

Don't be in a hurry to buy a house in Alanya and by getting correct information about the projects and prices of houses in different neighborhoods and by knowing the purpose of your purchase, you can hope for a very good purchase. We are also at your service to provide you with advice through WhatsApp.

Renting a house in Alanya

From 2022 and especially after the war between Russia and Ukraine, it became very limited in terms of supply and very expensive in terms of price, and compared to last year, the prices have increased between 2 and 3 times.

Currently, July 2022, the price of renting a property in Alanya, a luxury one-bedroom furnished house in a complex with full facilities is at least 1,500 euros for a month, and in the case of a one-year lease, it is about 1,000 euros per month. If we want to review generally, the rent of a one-bedroom house with furniture is around 600 to 700 euros and around 900 to 1000 euros for a two-bedroom one.

About the future of Alanya

Alanya is going to become an independent province soon, probably by the end of 2022 or at least 2023, and if this happens, the price of housing in this city will certainly increase. There are many reasons for the increase in prices in this city, which are as follows:

1. The ratio of supply to demand is very low.

2. There are few houses in the city.

3. Being a tourist attraction and attracting tourists from all over the world.

4. The small area of the city and being surrounded by the sea and mountains And many other reasons that increase house prices in Alanya.

Ownership documents transfer costs in Turkey

The fees of the title deed in Turkey are a sum of money paid after buying and selling the project and cannot transfer ownership of the real estate in the title deed without paying these expenses. A deadline is given until the end of the year to pay the costs of the title deed.

The seller of the property and the buyer pays the costs of the title deed separately from each other. In transactions related to buying and selling, the total cost of the Tapu is 4%. This amount is a fee that is calculated as 4% of the sale price stated in the title deed for all properties sold (housing, office, land, farm, etc.)

Signing the title deed and transferring the property deed in Turkey to your name

The last step in the process of buying a house is the signature of the parties to the Tapu title deed.

Prohibited neighborhoods for obtaining Turkish residence

Considering the density of foreigners in various regions of Turkey, the Interior Ministry has closed 781 neighborhoods in certain provinces of the Turkey to foreign nationals seeking address registrations for temporary protection, international protection, and residence permits, with the exception of newborn families which respectfully will be informed to the public.

Mr. Suleyman Soylu, the Minister of Turkey, said in a press conference held on June 11, 2022 at the Turkish Immigration Office: The percentage of foreigners who are allowed to live in each neighborhood will be reduced from 25 percent to 20 percent, starting from July 1, 2022. He also stated that this Ministry intends to close 1,200 districts to the residence of foreigners.

From July 1, 2022, the number of prohibited and closed neighborhoods has increased to 1169, and the closed neighborhoods are listed below.

In Alanya, there are 4 districts in this list: Kargıcak, Mahmutlar, Kestel and Avsallar, where you cannot get residency by buying or renting a property.

Classification of real estate in Turkey

type classification investments
  • - Apartment
  • - Villa
  • - Penthouse
  • - Land
  • - New buildings
  • - Luxurious and smart properties
  • - Seafront properties
  • - Cheap properties
  • - Commercial properties
  • - Hotel
  • - Restaurant and cafe bar
  • - land

Real estate in Alanya

In the last few years, immigration to Turkey and investment in the real estate market of this country have flourished and many investors and immigrants are looking for the best option among different cities of this country. If you are one of those who are thinking of buying a property in Alanya, Turkey, first of all, we congratulate you on your smart choice. Alanya, as one of the growing regions of Turkey, has a bright future not only in terms of real estate but also in terms of tourism, urban infrastructure, transportation, etc. and according to the future plans of the Turkish government, this city will soon become a tourism hub in the south of Turkey.

Alanya is located among the Taurus Mountains and on the southern coast of Turkey, in Antalya. The advantages of having tourism and sports facilities, the rich water and electricity resources of Alanya have made it a good destination for tourists and investors who are looking for property to buy in Alanya.

However, buying a property is a difficult decision that requires time and thorough consideration. To learn about the different aspects of buying a house in Alanya, stay with us in the rest of this article.

Advantages of purchasing real estate in Alanya

The most important advantages of purchasing a real estate in Alanya are:


One of the most important advantages that Alanya is famous for it, is its pleasant and sunny weather along with pleasant humidity throughout the year. The average temperature in Alanya is around 15°C in winter and around 40°C in summer. If you are planning to buy a house in Alanya, it is good to know that December to February are the coldest months and June to September are the hottest months of the year in this area and August is the hottest month of the year in Alanya, also it is worth mentioning that this heat and humidity are bearable and due to the short distance between the mountain and the sea, which has created special weather conditions in this city, to the extent that in the hot months, the cool breeze and mild temperature attract tourists to Alanya. Meanwhile, during the winter, the weather is still suitable for walking outside.

Culture and lifestyle

Culture and lifestyle are one of the most attractive parts for applicants to buy real estate in Alanya. In addition to being a popular tourist city among Turkish people, Alanya is also a destination for foreign tourists and immigrants, and this has led to the formation of a diverse mix of different cultures in this region. Temporary or permanent residents of Alanya are people from Europe, America, Iran and Russia. Therefore, this city has two general categories of amenities, traditional and modern. For example, in Alanya you can eat in a Turkish "lokanta" (restaurant) local cuisine, or eat in a restaurant with an international menu. You can visit a museum, the Red Tower and ancient castle or go skiing and Telecabin for fun.

Running and walking on the Alanya beach, picnic by the Dimçayı river and also visiting the city center of Alanya, which includes Ataturk Street with shops and department stores and traditional dance and music, are other attractions of lifestyle in Alanya.

Easy transportation and accessibility to the air transport system

Getting to Alanya is very easy because there are two airports in this area. Antalya Airport is less than two hours' drive from Alanya and offers daily flights to destinations all over the world. Gazipaşa Airport is also only twenty minutes away from Alanya and the cost of transportation from this airport is reasonable and affordable and this advantage has prioritized Alanya as a place of tourism and investment in southern cities.

Reasons for investment in Alanya real estate sector

Many people of the world, especially Iranians, who are looking to buy real estate and property in Alanya, intend to immigrate permanently and obtain Turkish residence. To obtain the permanent residence in Turkey, the value of the purchased real estate must be more than 400 thousand dollars, and the buyer does not have the right to sell the property until three years after obtaining the residence.

In addition, buying a real estate in Alanya is a very safe investment manner. During the last decade, Alanya's real estate market has grown tremendously. Every month, hundreds of real estate transactions are done in this area, and real estates is bought and sold alternately between Turkish residents and foreign immigrants. Therefore, there is a lot of liquidity in the real estate market in Alanya. Due to the continuous growth of the area and the many developments that are being made, it is best to take a long-term approach of 8-10 years when investing in Alanya to maximize your profit from buying property in this area.

In addition, renting a property has provided a great opportunity for those who are planning to buy a property in Alanya but for various reasons are unable to live in this area at the moment. Of course, renting a property in Alanya has special rules beside its’ reasonable profit. For example, you must inform the government about the tenant's information, pay the specified tax, and for other things such as building management, repairs, etc., you can also get help from companies active in these field.

The projects facilities in Alanya

The projects are in fact apartment massifications by construction companies that provide pre-purchase and installment purchases for those looking to buy property in Alanya. These projects have different facilities. Their decoration and architecture are generally done in American style, with equipped kitchens, high ceilings, and granite or ceramic floors. these projects provide you with unique facilities comparable to 5-star hotels.

Buying a property in Alanya or other cities in Turkey requires consultation with experts in this field. In this regard, you can keep in touch with Yasha Group experts to get expert advice and get more information. Our consultants will provide you with the best consulting services in the field of property purchase according to your budget.

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