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The Sights of Alanya

Cleopatra district of Alanya


If you live in Cleopatra, you live near the best beach in Alanya and in fact in one of the best areas in Alanya. A beautiful area in the center of Alanya, Turkey, which is located 250 meters from one of the best beaches in southern Turkey, Cleopatra Beach. At the bus station, you can buy a bus ticket to any part of Alanya, or explore the city in your car or by bike. Every day you can swim in the beach and enjoy the sandy beach. The unique Cleopatra beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This beach is famous for its clear blue waters and welcomes a large number of domestic and foreign tourists every year.

Real estate in this area is very valuable, even if you decide to sell it, you will certainly not lose money. In this area, the buildings are mostly 5-story buildings. This place is perfect for beach lovers and people looking to spend a few free hours relaxing in the sun, such as nature and coastal scenery lovers.

Oba Alanya area

Oba Alanya region is one of the best regions in terms of welfare and has high social security level.

Oba is a very famous area in Alanya, which is located 4 kilometers east of the center of Alanya. In Oba region, there are many restaurants, malls, shops, medical centers, health centers, beautiful beaches and amusement parks that you can easily access and enjoy. You can also buy organic vegetables from the local market every week.

Buying an apartment in Oba Alanya is a safe investment. This region is an area with high potential for peaceful living with excellent access to convenient centers to meet all daily needs.

In the last census that was conducted in Oba region, its population was estimated at 21,778 people. This population increases during the tourist season. A private hospital, five private schools and six public schools, a private ophthalmology center, a dialysis center and large stores such as Kustas and Metro are located in this area.

The geographical location of this area, between the mountains and the sea, has made this area to have a beautiful landscape. The largest and only public hospital is located in Oba region. This hospital contains various wards and polytechnics. Those who have insurance and even tourists can visit this hospital and benefit from all its services.

Bektas Alanya area

Bektas alanya area is one of the beautiful and touristic neighborhoods of Alanya, whose name is translated from Persian to Turkish. Bektas area is located in the foothills of Toros mountains in the north of Alanya city. The beautiful view of Alanya city can be seen from this area and everybody can enjoy from its’ unique image at the heights of the city.

Many new villas and apartments have been built in this area for the use of foreigners as well as locals. Also, the presence of many restaurants serving local dishes in this area has added to its beauty and popularity.

The distance from this area to the center of Alanya city is only 10 minutes and it is the highest region of the city and has a complete view of the city, the sea and the castle. This beautiful area is of interest to foreigners and tourists, and these people choose Bektas to relax and spend quality time in peace. To access the Bektas area of Alanya, you can use public transportation such as dolmus (shared taxi), taxi, and bus.

By living in this area, you will have a beautiful view of Alanya from your window during the day and night and you will enjoy its beauty, so contact Yasha Group Holding to buy a real estate in this unique area.


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