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Buying and selling cars in Turkey

The Turkish government has been able to boost its economy by granting citizenship to foreigners; During the last ten years, this country has earned more than 100 billion dollars through its citizens. The Turkish government encourages foreign nationals to invest and obtain Turkish passport by offering incredible benefits and facilities!

Is it possible for foreigners to buy a car in Turkey? Yes, it is possible.

Although Turkey has an extensive and well-equipped public transportation system, many people prefer to have their own car. But the point that you should pay attention to is that buying a car in Turkey

is not as difficult or impossible as some other countries.

If you are one of those people who want to have your own car in Turkey, you can get the information you want in this section.

Car market in Turkey

The car market in Turkey has been growing in recent years. European, Asian and American car manufacturers are all present in this market, and it is possible to buy new cars with a wide variety of models and brands in dealerships, exhibitions, and the market.

In addition, access to used cars in the used car market is possible through websites and advertisements in newspapers.

The used car market is on average 10 times that of brand-new cars. This means that there are 10 used cars for every brand-new car sold in Turkey, which shows that the used car market is active.

Many reputable brands, in addition to exporting cars to Turkey, have set up active representative offices and sales offices in this country. Beside these brands, you will see the presence of cars made in Turkey in this competitive market.

Most cars in Turkey are diesel based and run on diesel fuel (the most common fuel in this country). As you know, Turkey is one of the countries that imports fuel, and this is one of the reasons for the high use of diesel cars comparing to the gasoline cars.

Renault, Fiat, Volkswagen, Ford, Toyota and Hyundai are among the most popular and best-selling car brands in Turkey until 2022.

Purchasing a car in Turkey for foreigners


Buying a car in Turkey is much more affordable for foreigners than Turkish citizens, and the reason for this is the tax exemption for foreigners residing in Turkey. In fact, the Turkish government has enacted laws that make it easy for foreigners to buy cars in Turkey without paying taxes.

Foreign nationals will receive a blue plate (MA/MZ) when they get their license plate.

Buying a brand-new car in Turkey

Two types of cars or motorcycles can be purchased in Turkey: cars with Turkish license plates and cars with foreign license plates.

Signing the car title over in Turkey

Whether you are a citizen of Turkey, or have a long-term residence permit in Turkey or even a one-year residence permit in Turkey, after buying a car in Turkey, you must go to the notary public offices to transfer the car title to yourself.

In many notary public offices, there are official Turkish translators who can help you if you are not familiar with the Turkish language.

To transfer a car or motorcycle title, it is necessary to go through the following steps:

If the car or motorcycle are brand-new and do not have registration plate, the buyer must take the purchase invoice obtained from the dealer and identification documents to the notary office and receives the car documents (ruhsat) i.e. the car title card and document together with a letter of introduction to receive the license plate, from the notary public office.

Dealers usually get power of attorney from the buyer and do all the work themselves and deliver the car with a license plate to the customer.

But if the car has a license plate, the transfer is as follows:

1- Buyer and seller must go to notary office

2- Delivery of car documents and the previous license plate of the seller to notary office

3- Receiving car documents and a new license plate in the name of the buyer from notary office after paying notary office fees

4- Going to the nearest license plate center to receive a license plate and install it on the car

To make a transaction in Notary office, it is necessary to present the following documents:



Identification card (passport) or Kimlik of the parties, tax number of the parties, previous title card of car, valid insurance, valid technical examination and license plate.

It should be mentioned that the cost of license plates for motorcycles and cars varies and is calculated at the daily rate. Some costs of the car will also be borne by the seller, including fines and taxes that must be settled and cleared before selling the car.

Advantages of tax-free car in Turkey for foreigners

Foreign nationals who have an official and legal residence permit can benefit from the privilege of a tax-free vehicle. These people get a tax exemption in cases such as buying a brand-new car from a dealership in Turkey, buying a tax-free used car from other foreigners, or even importing their own car to Turkey.

Vehicle tax exemption means that foreigners are allowed to buy a new car from an authorized dealer without paying value added tax (KDV).

It should be noted that despite these tax exemptions, the annual road tax (banderol tax) must be paid.

This tax-free benefit is only valid for one car and per foreigner holding a residence permit (excluding diplomatic and NATO personnel) and only family members of the car owner will be allowed to use the car. On the other hand, Turkish citizens are not allowed to buy and use tax-free vehicles!

Important things to do after buying a car in Turkey

Insuring the car and changing the license plate are two important measures after buying a car in Turkey!


The maximum period allowed to get car insurance after buying a car is 15 days in Turkey; Since the car insurance is canceled at the time of sale, you have to re-insure the car. We recommend you not to delay this task and insure the car as soon as possible.

Car License Plate

After obtaining the documents and car title card, you will have one month to get your license plate. So, first make an appointment for an interview on the website and then go to the nearest police station with your passport number, tax number and address and apply for a license plate. This process will cost about 10 liras at the police department.

Important tips about buying a car in Turkey

- In Turkey, based on variables such as cylinder volume, car model, etc., car tax is collected annually from the car owner, which can be paid in two installments; In July and January

- It is possible to pay taxes both online and in person at the tax office of each region.

- In Turkey, third-party car insurance is mandatory, and after the transaction, the previous owner can contact the insurance company to return the amount of the remaining days, and the buyer is required to receive a new insurance policy from the day of purchase.

- As in Iran, the buyer can pay a higher amount to obtain auto body repair insurance, which is called Kasko insurance.

- The price of diesel cars in Turkey is higher than gasoline cars; But you should pay attention that the price of gasoline is higher.

- If you are planning to buy a car in Turkey as a foreign citizen, we recommend you to buy cars with Turkish license plate! Because, as mentioned earlier, cars with foreign license plates need to renew their traffic permit, and you can only sell these types of cars to citizens of other countries! This means that the car cannot be sold to Turkish citizens.

- To trade cars in Turkey, we recommend opening a bank account in Turkey before taking any action! It is better to transfer the purchase amount of the car in notary office and after transferring the title of the document to your name.

- If you are planning to buy a used car in Turkey, do a technical inspection before taking any action.

- Cars are one of the main export goods of Turkey to Europe; Therefore, feel free to use cars made in Turkey.



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