Introduction and fields of mutual cooperation with Yashagroup Holding


Yashagroup is the most specialized multi-purpose holding in the beautiful coastal city of Alanya in the south of Turkey, this holding was registered in Alanya, Turkey in 2020 with business license number 9381090718. It has started to operate. The holding's head office is located in Mevlana square in Mahmutlar neighborhood and has good centrality. Street next to Atatürk Holding's headquarters building " It has a lot of traffic. Yashagroup Holding has started its mission all over the world with the aim of providing international services, but its center is in Alanya, which is a suitable base for business and innovation. All the services provided by this legal company are based on Turkish regulations and in accordance with international rules and are provided by first-rate professionals.

Holding management

The holding is managed by Mr. Ramin Salehi. He is a law graduate from Shiraz University. After working in the field of law, due to his rich commercial and business intelligence Staying in many countries, including England, Switzerland, France, etc., after researching, he finally chose Turkish citizenship and started Yashagroup Holding. Mr. Ramin Salehi Now he has a Turkish passport and is a citizen of this country.

Holding values

Yashagroup Holding considers the following main values ​​in its actions:

  • Customer Orientation
  • Professionalism
  • Honesty
  • participation
  • Self-criticism and flexibility
  • Environmental Protection